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How to use Every Proxy with a VPN

One of the features of using Every Proxy is that you can use your VPN connection from your Android device on other devices.


  • Connect to NordVPN, or any other VPN, on your Android device and allow other devices to use the VPN connection.
  • Connect to Speedify on your Android device and allow other devices to use the Speedify connection.

It’s recommended to connect to your VPN, or start Speedify, first as your external IP Address may change after doing so.

Once you have done this, check your IP Address and start the HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy server to share your connection with other devices. Use the IP Address and Port shown to connect to the running proxy server from another device.

An example of how to set a HTTP/HTTPS proxy on another Android device can be found at how to setup proxy for android.

Using Speedify with Every Proxy and a games console has proven useful.

Note: When using Android 10 you may need to update the allowed list or disallowed list of your VPN application to include / exclude EveryProxy. Without doing so you will not be able to connect to the port opened by EveryProxy from your local network. This is because of a change in the way VPN applications work on Android 10.