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Every Proxy Network Bridge

The Every Proxy Network Bridge is an Android application created by the Every Proxy team to enable VPN connection sharing when using a per-app VPN client application.

Android 10 introduced a new type of VPN client namely the per-app VPN client application. Prior to this all VPN client applications were system wide. System wide VPN client applications route all network traffic, both internal and external, through the VPN connection. Per-app VPN client applications restrict which applications can use the VPN connection. These restrictions also include filtering on incoming network traffic which prevents Every Proxy from working out of the box.

When Every Proxy is used in combination with the Every Proxy Network Bridge these restrictions can be worked around.

Please see the how to share your vpn connection over socks with other devices or the how to share your vpn connection over https with other devices tutorial for more information on how to use the Every Proxy Network Bridge. There is also more helpful information about the Every Proxy Network Bridge in the Frequently Asked Questions page.